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Site History:

Why Are There So Few Members since 2011?

The site was acquired in 2011 by the current owner and there were thousands of members. Business, as usual, was conducted and the site was very popular. There were two facelifts during that time and the current design was very popular.

As of January 2018, there were 2057 members after inactive members had been purged from the system. Shortly after that time, our hosting provider changed servers and Clixtown was not moved promptly to the new servers. When a site becomes intermittently operating and loses it's momentum it is very hard to return to normal operation. The site was closed.

After many requests from former members, we decided on a plan to restore and restart Clixtown. The artwork was found but the databases for ads, members and financial information was not available.

Recently, we returned with an all-new script and a clean database. There are many new features and now we plan to operate the site to ensure members and advertisers get the best value possible. As long as forces that we can not control, do not cause problems and the site remains solvent, we plan to offer services for many years to come.


How Do I Make Purchases Without PP?

Due to unforeseen changes in the payment processor industry, we are forced to go outside of our script to assist members with their purchases. For now, we will be selling packages of points which will be added to member accounts as soon as payment has been approved. When you purchase points, you can use them in our points store or convert them to account funds and make your purchase using the account funds option. Any remaining points balance may be converted and withdrawn. To begin the purchase process, use the contact tab and send a message to the admin for more information.

Perfect Money:

Can I Use Perfect Money Here?

We are now offering PerfectMoney as a choice for member to buy ad credits and membership upgrades. Upgraded members may withdraw to PerfectMoney with a minimum withdrawal of only 10 cents. These withdrawals to PerfectMoney will have to be funded by member purchases as it is difficult for us to move funds directly in to PerfectMoney. In the case where member has made a purchase using PM, funds should be available to approve that member's withdrawal request. That member may also elect to withdraw using one of our other providers.


When Can I Expect to Be Paid?

After you submit your withdrawal request we do verification of your account profile and earnings profile. We do require that members who request payouts have ads running with credits in the system. When funds become available payouts are made via a batch mass pay process. You should be paid at least within 7 days of your request, but most of the time this will be much faster. To ensure the viability of the site, members may be required to place an order before their payout is approved.

Additional Ways To Pay:

What If I Need To Pay and Can't Use Build In Methods?

When the built in payment methods do not work for you, it is possible to send me funds for upgrades and ad purchases using alternate methods as follows:

Coinbase: billntacoma@gmail.com
Uphold: billntacoma@gmail.com
Transferwise: billntacoma@gmail.com
G-Pay: billntacoma@gmail.com
Zelle: billntacoma@gmail.com
CashApp: billntacoma@gmail.com

After sending the appropriate amount of funds as a personal transfer, you should go to the "Contact" tab and send proof of payment and description of what you are purchasing to the admin. Your payment will be verified and order processed by the admin as soon as possible and you will receive a confirmation.

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